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Pokémon Go Cheats for iPhone and Android

Pokémon Go cheats for Pokémon Go is hands down one the most exciting games ever made by Nintendo. There is just no way to put the excitement you could get from this game into words. Millions of Americans and tens of millions of people in other countries have already downloaded the game and are already enjoying this interactive virtual reality game. But you must know that? Don’t you? The fact that you have visited our site means that you already like the game and would just like a few tips, hacks or cheats on how to catch up with or get ahead of your friends who have perhaps already become Pokemasters themselves. Worry not! Here is where you will find all the true and effective Pokémon Go cheats.

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Why are so many people interested in playing Pokémon Go?

  • The game is a blast: Millions of gamers are already swearing that this is the most fun, interactive, and engaging game they have ever played despite Pokémon Go being only a few months old.
  • The only game that gets you to exercise: Instead of sitting on your couch all day and changing games on your console like a zombie, this game will make you get out and have fun in the sun while taking in some fresh air.
  • You get to visit new places: In order to fully enjoy this game you will need to walk around (a lot!) to find more Poke monsters. You will obviously be guided by your GPS. This will likely lead you to cool places in your city that you might never have thought of visiting before.
  • You get to make new friends (in the real world): It is very likely that you will be meeting other “hunters” at the Poke Stops. The fact that you already have something in common with these other players (the game) will definitely act as a good conversation starter!
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pokemon go cheats

The main difference between this game and any other game that you have played before is that it uses augmented reality (AR). In other words, you will get to play the game live in a real-world environment. How cool is that? And you don’t have to believe us, just download the game on your Android or IOS phone and you will see why everyone can’t stop talking about it.

If it is so exciting and interactive then why cheat?

Well, this is a good question. In fact, it is the answer to this question that compelled us to come up with this site. You see, we as much as you and other millions of players around the country also like playing this game. However, some of us (if not all) are not really excited with what is needed for us to play the game. For instance, there are those of us who do not want to walk for miles to get Poke monsters or to get Poke-eggs to hatch. Some also do not like meeting strangers or having to look like zombies walking the streets at night looking for Pokemons. Some would just like to play this exciting game near our apartments and never have to go out in search of Pokes.

If you are like us, then you most probably don’t want to stop playing this addictive game because of these demands. You will likely look for alternatives. That’s why we came up with this site. There are millions of people who are already playing this game and some have even become experts at it. Right here at our office, we’ve got experts who spend all of their days just getting to new levels and helping others do the same. These guys have helped us gather a massive collection of tips and cheats to help players like you get ahead in this game. We also have a guy who verifies the cheats before we post them online for our readers. This means that everything you read or see on this site is the very best information on that particular Pokémon Go issue that you could ever get anywhere online.

Here are some samples of cheats that will help:

On this site, you will get to know every little thing about Pokémon Go. You will get to know about those little secrets that your friend might be hiding from you in order to get more points than you and win that bet you had made with him last week! In short, by the time you have gone through a few or our Pokémon Go cheats, you will be a professional Pokémon Go player for all we know!

Thank you very much guys for this great tool for Pokemon Go ! Tamia

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Here are some of the things you will get to learn more about on this site:

  • How to hatch eggs faster – Our pro players have learned a thing or two about hatching Pokémon eggs faster (P.S. it’s not by driving around at high speeds).
  • How to find rare Pokemons – There are certain Pokemons which are more common than others. After playing the game for a while with the same Pokemons it gets a little monotonous. Here you will find tips on how to locate rare Pokemons in whichever environment you are playing the game from.
  • How to find more Poke monsters – It can get frustrating if you don’t climb those levels as fast as your friends are. But do not fuss! You will find just the right cheats on this site to locate more of those little critters faster than anyone else!
  • Exactly how to catch them faster: If you have played the game a few times then you probably know that turning off the AR (Augmented Reality) feature of the game keeps the Poke monsters in your phone’s view for longer and therefore allows you to catch them quicker. On you will get to learn about more ways of catching those monsters faster.
pokemon go hack
pokemon go cheats
  • Easy ways of finding the best Pokestops – Not all Pokestops are the same – some have better gear than others. You might already have a few places in mind where you are also guaranteed of rarer potions, gear or Poke monsters. Getting to know where you could find the real cool ones doesn’t hurt – does it?
  • Recover missed Pokeballs – Instead of having to shell out a few dollars every two or three days to get more Pokeballs, you can learn a few cheats on how to recover missed Pokeballs or where to get some for free. Playing doesn’t have to be expensive.
  • Where to find free Pokecoins – Yep! You do not have to be a pro to get hundreds of Pokecoins. There are ways you can find these coins for free without even spending a dollar!
  • You will find out how to revisit the same Pokestop over and over again: Sometimes you just don’t want to walk those miles to find a Charmander and Squirtle. Perhaps your battery is dying or you just don’t want to hang around that street later than your 7 pm. We have a collection of Pokémon Go cheats to help you get those points you want quickly in order to move up to the next level.
  • You will know how to walk anywhere and find all Pokestops

In short, you will not need to contact anyone else, visit any other site or go through the hassle of learning all the cheats yourself. You will learn about everything you need to know about the game, every new thing that the game developers release, and how you can have a much better Pokémon Go gaming experience right from this site. The good thing is that our hacks are not phone specific; i.e. you will find Pokémon Go Android and Pokémon Go IOS cheats right here.

Facts you need to know about the Pokémon Go Cheats for ANDROID and IOS phones

First of all, let’s just get this out of the way – playing Pokémon Go on Android phones is just as fun and interactive as playing it on iPhones. As long as your phone has the right specs you will not have any trouble downloading or playing the game!

Here is what you need to know about on the specs:

Pokémon Go Cheats for android:

Here are the minimum specifications you need to play this game on your android phone:

  • Minimum of 2 GB RAM
  • GPS and location services (a common feature in almost every smartphone)
  • Must be Android 4.4 or later

To have a fully interactive and exciting experience playing the game, you need to have high-speed internet connection on either your Android or IOS phone. There are no two ways about it. Additionally, we recommend that you carry an extra battery or a power bank to prevent any interruptions to your game. This is because the game is known to drain batteries fast because of its use of location services and AR.

On, you will find all the hidden cheats and tips that will help you to quickly become one of the game’s best players in just a few days. We not only have none OS specific tips and cheats, we also have those which are specifically intended for Android users. In addition, we have also sampled a few Android third-party apps that will definitely improve your gaming experience.

Pokémon Go Cheats for IOS

First things first, the minimum specs you need to play this on your iPhone

  • Must be iOS 8 or later
  • Its needs to be an iPhone model not earlier than 5+

We could have added that it needs to have location services but really? Is there an iPhone without that feature?

Here, you will find out about cool Pokémon Go Cheats for iPhone users. One of the things you should know about playing Pokémon Go on IOS is that jailbroken devices are not officially supported. Luckily, we have discovered a few cheats on how you could still play the game on your jailbroken iPhone.

pokemon go hack

Pokémon Go GPS Cheats

The reason why you need a phone with GPS/ location services to play this game is that the game uses this feature to help you locate Pokémons in your vicinity giving you the opportunity to catch them. That said, there are times when you perhaps would not like to get out of your house to hunt for those little creatures. Maybe it’s a bit late for you or the weather is not that good. This is where we come in. We have just the right location spoofing cheats to help you trick the game into thinking that you are somewhere else you are not.

This will help you enjoy the game more without having to move around a lot.

Why us?

You might have read everything and you are probably interested in clicking on one of the pages to find out more about our collections of Pokémon Go Cheats but you are wondering why us? Why and not any other site? Well, as we have mentioned before, every piece of information you will find on this site is verified. In other words, the cheats you will find on this site are genuine and effective. They are guaranteed to help.

You will also clearly know whether the cheat is phone specific or whether it is meant Androidroid users or iOS users. This is unlike other sites where you may need to ask around for more information. Also, in cases where a hack involves downloading a third-party app, we will give you sufficient information/ warnings about the developer before posting a link.

As you can see, there are many reasons why we should be your go-to source for Pokémon Go Cheats. But don’t take our word for it, visit the tabs and links at the top of the page to see for yourself.

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